Language courses that connect people

LinguaLovers emerges for the purpose of teaching languages by combing traditional in-class lessons and technological tools. Students learn really effectively because they get in-class lessons at the location they want (our premises, at home o at work) and our interactive online platform that is full of games, lessons, quizzes and fun stuff.

Our Instructors

Our courses are conversational, creative, interactive, flexible and short-termed.

Teachers also focus on grammar and pronunciation but they stress out the importance of having an effective communication the very first moment you start lessons.

Rafael Fernández Molina

Spanish-English teacher (Bonaire C.N.)

Jeroen Seegers

Spanish-English-Dutch teacher (Bonaire C.N.)

Melisa ramos

English-Spanish teacher (USA)

Maria Alejandra Molina

Spanish-English teacher (Venezuela)

Stephanie Chiotakis

Dutch teacher (Bonaire)

Jimmy Uzcategui

Spanish-English teacher (Venezuela)